The Sequential Samurai Magazine(Business/Publication Proposal)

Objective: To create an independent magazine highlighting the art, writing, and various creative ideas of otherwise unpublished creators in order to create exposure and potentially launch future comic and/or other genre related publications.

Magazine will be published bi-monthly and in digital format only until such a time as it becomes apparent that a hardcopy would become profitable. (One Year Goal)

Magazine will host a compilation of works from various artists as well as interviews with artists/writers/creators; to include an artist spotlight section where on particular creator or creative group is focused on.

Magazine will also include movie reviews, comic book reviews, video game reviews, anime/manga reviews and any news worthy column within the genre. We will include a conventions calendar for all known upcoming conventions in the U.S.

Magazine will spotlight one comic book retailer per publication, bringing special attention and focus to that store for the benefit of the retailer. We will include recommendations from patrons as well as a short interview/bio of the owner and/or staff.

Magazine will carry ads for any non-objectionable company that desires to publicize through our network. 

The Sequential Samurai Staff:

G. David Cooper - Founder/Owner/ Artist

William F. Burk - Editor in Chief

Who We Are...

​We're the guys about to turn your comic universe upside-down! We're bringing to you the newest, coolest, and most exciting comic stories you never knew existed. 

​We are an indie publishing company dedicated to highlighting the heartfelt work of the little guy; Joe Nobody. Everyone with real talent and a great story to tell should have a shot at seeing their vision come to life. That's who we are. We put the work out there to be seen. The rest is up to you.

Our concept for businesses looks a little like this:

For more information about us, be sure to check out our Facebook page at:

The Sequential Samurai