For Artists:

To submit your artwork for inclusion in The Sequential Samurai Magazine, please provide a link to the artwork you desire for us to review. Please do not email your artwork as an attachment. We will not open attachments and your submission will be discarded. Facebook pages, websites, DeviantArt, even Myspace pages are fine.

Art can be color, black & white, water color, digital... We don't care about the medium. We are looking to highlight your work and showcase your talent in hopes of helping you find a writer or creative team who might be willing to hire you for future projects.

Please do not submit anything in poor taste. It is our desire to keep the magazine at a teen(+) readership. Nudes or erotica will not be accepted. We are not overly concerned about violence or gore. We will judge that on a case by case basis. What we are looking for is high quality comic book artwork. We want to see your original art of your original creations and characters. We will not publish artwork consisting of existing characters of known publications (e.g. don’t send us your Batman drawing. We can't publish that.).

Please choose your six best pictures. If selected, we will post all six in the magazine along with a short bio and interview with you. This will be a great opportunity for you to be seen and heard internationally.

Don't send us someone else's work and pawn it off as yours. Don't trace pictures from magazines and say you drew it. We're not here to judge your ability. We want to display YOUR work. If you cheat and we find out, we'll embarrass you. Promise.

For Writers:

Writers are a very important part of the creative process. We need to see what you can do! To submit your writings to us for inclusion in the magazine, please provide us with up to ten pages (around 4,500 words) of an original short story or segment from a larger work. All works must be original ideas with original characters. We do not want any writings of pre-existing characters or stories. Don’t send us your Naruto fanfiction, we can’t publish it. All submissions must be in standard manuscript format. If you don’t know what that is, Google it, there are many online resources that can assist you. What we are mainly looking for is fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. That said, if we really like it and think it fits in, we will be happy to accept other genres.

For Indie Comic Creators/Teams:

Got a comic book you're trying to market? Here's a great opportunity for you! We are looking for six completed pages of your book. It can be the beginning, middle, or end, we don't care. We just want to give the readers a peek at your work, kind of like a movie trailer. Include with your six pages a copy of your cover art. Also attach a complete list of contributors to the project. We want to be sure everyone gets credit for their part. Be sure to abide by the rules in the Artist Submission concerning your own work. We want to spotlight serious creators and projects that can make an impact on the comic book community.  

Submission Guidelines 

Please send all submissions to: